Unique Flavor Combinations


Bold, subtle, smooth, and crunchy... compliment or contrast your flavors and textures to make for an exciting dessert! Try out some of these unique flavor combinations to liven up your dessert and pastry skills. Do not be afraid to go bold, just don't overwhelm the main flavor you've chosen for your dessert.

Choose a light and refreshing combination like the citrus or mint, or go for something rich like chocolate and nuts. For a stronger flavor, use fresh ingredients instead of extracts. In addition, be aware that adding to much additional liquid to a recipe can change the outcome.

If you've incorporated some of these flavors in your dessert, you can use them in your plating design or include them in the presentation and decoration!

  • Citrus + Chocolate
  • Citrus + Lavender
  • Citrus + Mint
  • Lemon + Pistachios
  • Dark Chocolate + Walnuts
  • White Chocolate + Pistachios
  • Vanilla + Rosemary

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