Torte of the Month: Paris Brest

Learn how to make this classic French torte with the perfect combination of crispy pastry and creamy fillings. This torte will be sure to wow your guests!

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Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Macaron

Tackle this tricky French recipe with these tips an tricks, and with practice you will be sure to have flawless macarons!

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Unique Flavor Combinations

Don't be afraid to have fun with your dessert flavors! Try something new and use one of these new flavor combinations on your favorite recipe.

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Plating Like a Professional With Chef John Schopp

"Today's diner eats as much sometimes for entertainment and art as they do for fulfillment and satisfaction."

For many at-home bakers, plating a dessert is not always much of a concern. However, we can still take many tips from professionals on how to plate desserts and can even apply those to how we present our desserts to guests.

One of these such professionals is Chef John Schopp from Kentucky, who has been interested in cooking and chefs since he was seven years old. His passion for culinary arts and baking has brought him amazing success, from baking and decorating elaborate wedding cakes to seven full-time years as the pastry arts instructor for Virginia Western Community College's Culinary Institute. His success has even brought him as far as the Food Network's Halloween Baking Championship!

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